aquaculture 2010

Australasian Aquaculture 2010
23—26 May 2010

This is the biennial conference and trade show organized by the National Aquaculture Council of Australia and the Asian Pacific Chapter of World Aquaculture Society (WAS). This will be held in Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. The main theme, ”keeping pace with change” will look at Farm Design and Management, Seafood Consumption, Human Nutrition and Health, Organic Aquaculture, Certification and Eco-labelling, Branding Strategies, Value-added Seafood Products, Food Safety and Security, Climate Change, Aquaculture Economics and Marketing and Practical E-solutions to Everyday Work.

At the plenary, Senior Research Scientist at CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research, Dr Alistair Hobday will present a highly anticipated session on the subject of climate change. Dr Hobday’s research spans a range of topics including spatial management and migration of large pelagic species, environmental influences on marine species and the impact of climate change on marine resources.

Biologist from the University of Chile, Adolfo Alvial will also be presenting at AA2010. As Technical Director of Marine Harvest Chile for two years, Mr. Alvial was in charge of conducting research and control measures of ISA and Caligus challenges. Mr. Alvial will focus on the ISA outbreak in Chile and what can be learned from that in relation to the Australian aquaculture industry.

Roy Palmer, Organising Chairman said there are lessons that can be learned from the ISA outbreak in Chile. ‘Disease can happen at any time despite all your best efforts and this can put your business in jeopardy. Adolfo Alvial has been involved all through this crisis so what a great chance to hear what occurred and maybe some solutions if the problem happens to you’.

AA2010 delegates will be exposed to a range of relevant sessions including ‘Efficient Aquaculture Production’, ‘Branding Strategies’, ‘Reducing Red Tape in Aquaculture Regulation’, and a selection of other interesting topics pertinent to the conference theme ‘keeping pace with change.’

More information: Web:; Email: (Conference Coordinator Sarah-Jane Day) or (Mario Stael) for European companies.


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